We can help locate any pension policies that you may have lost and arrange a free pension report outlining your frozen and existing pensions. We have made the process as easy as possible for you and all in-depth, analytical reports are prepared by a Chartered Financial Planner, whom we work closely with.  A pension review can give you a better understanding of how your pension is performing. This information can be broken down into the following: 	The current value of your plan and details of your payments.                                               A projection of benefits at your normal retirement age.  Details of the current and future charges that will be applied             to your plan.  Any benefits that are included within your plan that you should be  aware of.  How your fund is invested and its overall performance.  Alternative options and solutions to ensure you get the retirement you deserve.   Any time is a good time to review your pension, but now possibly more than ever could be the most important time to have your pension reviewed. Also having a review is very important if there has been a change in circumstance, for example, joining a new employer, employer changing the terms of your pension scheme, divorce or remarriage. We all know we should get regular reviews but not many of us have a trustworthy source to turn to for help and guidance. Choosing to talk to an independent advisor is a good first step. This is enhanced if the advisor holds a ‘Chartered Financial Planner’ status and comes recommended from a source you trust. They can help you understand your existing arrangements and discuss the options available to you both now and at retirement. For instance: 	Do you understand the investment returns your pension fund is achieving? 	Do you know who would benefit from your pension fund in the event of your death? Death benefits are very important – we believe that if you die your whole pension pot should go to whoever you nominate. Not all companies think like us and in some cases nothing or only part of it may go to your loved ones! Let us ensure that the whole amount goes to the person(s) you nominate. 	Do you understand the different options available for accessing the cash in your pension fund? The UK pensions system is changing rapidly, with further consultations announced in the last budget. Those of us who are proactive and seek advice will stand a better chance of retiring earlier than average with a better pension than the average person.
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