Why choose a SIPP

By Darren Reynolds - Chartered Financial Planner A SIPP is a Self Investment Personal Pension and is fully regulated! This gives you protection from the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. A SIPP gives you excellent flexibility and opportunities. If you want to unleash yourself from pension providers and take control of your own retirement planning with a low-cost option, then a self-invested personal pension might be the route for you. Risk - You have full control of whether you wish your investments to be in low, moderate or high risk. Or you may wish to have some exposure to all three categories. When you get closer to retirement, low risk or cash is certainly an option to consider. It is your choice, you are in control. Whereas traditional pensions typically limit investment choice to usually funds run by the company’s own fund manager a SIPP  lets you invest almost anywhere you like and choose your own investments. This may be particularly attractive at the moment when there is so much uncertainty in the stock markets. We can give you fully regulated advice around this. Although investments can go down as well as up we believe greater freedom and flexibility is best to try and avoid the downside. The SIPP provider we use allows you full access to your investment portfolio 24/7, with low annual management Charges. Favourable tax status - Like all pensions, any money paid into a SIPP receives up-front tax relief at your marginal rate of income tax. The administrator automatically reclaims 20% basic rate tax from the Government, So if you want to add £1,000 to your SIPP, you only need to pay £800, as HMRC will contribute £200 to it. Higher rate taxpayers can claim further tax relief – another 20% or 25% - through their annual tax return.
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Any returns you make on investments inside a SIPP are free from income tax and capital gains tax which will help your retirement savings grow faster. Take control of your existing Pensions - If you have built up a number of pensions with different employers over the years, you may find it difficult and time consuming to keep track of your overall pensions. You will more than likely be paying an Annual Management charge for each plan! There is only one annual management charge for a SIPP. You can move all your plans into one SIPP! We will give you fully regulated advice as what to do in relation to your final salary pensions. If it is not in your best interest to move them we will tell you! SIPPs, like other pensions, allow you to take as much of your fund in cash as you want when you reach the minimum retirement age, currently 55 (rising to 57 by 2028). You have freedom to choose how you take your pension benefits, it’s entirely flexible, the only rule is that the first 25% you take is tax- free and the rest is taxed at your marginal rate. You can pay into a SIPP in the same tax year as you contribute to another pension scheme: for example, to make full use of your annual tax-efficient allowance (£40,000 or 10% of your annual earnings, whichever is lower. The flexibility that SIPP’s offer when you take pension benefits again mean that this can be your main source of income or can supplement the other schemes you have. For example you may use a SIPP to build up supplemental savings and maximise tax efficiency and then withdraw lump sums over a few years using Flexi-Access Drawdown for house repairs, a new car and possibly to pay for a couple of holidays; whilst you rely on your main pension savings to provide a retirement income. Please contact Celtic Wealth Management if you would like a free no obligation meeting to discuss your options.    
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