Borrowing cash from you SSAS Key Benefits What is a SSAS?
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Example:  The value of your SSAS           £100,000 Maximum Loan Back 50%      £50,000 A loan is taken from your SSAS of £50,000 to improve your business. The repayable interest on the loan is 1% over base,   this is paid back over a maximum of 5 years. Interest on a SSAS loan in the first year would be £750.00 (based on 0.5% over the Bank of England base rate) Interest on a typical High Street bank at 6.5% would be £3250.00. Don’t forget the £3250.00 on a bank loan, would go back to the bank. The interest on your SSAS loan goes into your pension fund. Also note this is the first year only, not calculated over 5 years. Any funds in your SSAS not used for the benefit of your business can be invested in order to make more interest on the money.
Potential Benefits of a SSAS Borrow money from your pension fund for your business at just 1% over base. Reduce your Corporation tax, but at the same time increase your pension fund! Reduce inheritance tax. Sell shares in your business to the SSAS (up to 5%) and release tax free cash for your own use. This will mean the Pension scheme will receive dividend income and future disposal of the shares can be ‘Tax Free’ on the pension scheme.
Given the difficulty of borrowing money in today’s financial climate, alongside the fact that many pensions are under performing, a cash injection into your business from your pension could be the right decision.        
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