Anyone could sadly lose a loved one at any time. If this happened to you, are you sure the right person would inherit your estate? Why write a Will? - Preparing a Will allows you to determine who will inherit your estate after your death. Without a Will you run the risk of the wrong people benefiting from your estate, increasing costs and delaying your beneficiaries from receiving their inheritance. Always ask yourself the question, who do you want to have to have your money? Your loved ones, someone else or the government? Writing a Will can ensure your estate goes to the right person! Whether your estate is large or small, complicated or straightforward, the Will writing service can help to make sure that your property and possessions are left to the people that you love.
Appoint guardians or set up trusts for young children, ensuring your children are cared for. Plan the distribution of your estate in order to minimise inheritance tax. Set up trusts to make provision for a vulnerable person or after a second marriage. Prevent your loved ones falling out over who gets what. Make gifts of sums of money or specific items to individuals or charities. Leave instructions about your funeral.
What is a Will and how can we help you? - A Will is a legal document that allows you to state what should happen to your assets after you have passed away. Our Will Writers provide comprehensive advice on many areas including:
Wills Probate & Estate Administration Long Term Care Advice Lasting Powers of Attorney Deputyship Applications Office of the Public Guardian Advice
Inheritance Tax Advice Business Succession Advice Secure Document Storage Pre Paid Funeral Plans Trusts

Wills & Trusts

The standard Will service includes:
There is no such thing as a standard Will. - A Will is a very important document that every adult should have in place. Making a Will clarifies your wishes and enables you to give your loved ones financial protection after you have gone. If you are a couple you may wish to have ‘mirror wills’ in place that reflect each other and this is something that we can help with. Writing a Will can be quick and straightforward provided you receive the right advice and guidance. Advisors can help you make a Will that’s right for you and your individual circumstances.      
We will help you make your wishes known to ensure your property and possessions go to the ones you love, so you can have complete peace of mind and reduce the worry, stress and likelihood of disagreements for those you leave behind.


Wills and Estate Planning for Employers

and Individuals

The comedian Rik Mayall, who died suddenly at 56 , failed to leave a valid Will.
This could mean complications for wife, Barbara, and their three adult children.
His £1.2million estate could be liable for tax of tens of thousands of pounds because without a Will his personal estate would be divided according to Government intestacy rules.
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